Web Help & Online Help

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We specialize in creating, updating and translating online and web help systems. We create online help systems from scratch or from existing documentation, and update, maintain and translate existing systems. The online help system we create have a clear hierarchic tree structure, based on short focused texts and intuitive links.



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Single Source Documentation

Utilizing the most up-to-date software, we offer single-source documentation solutions. A project documentation is created once, and then output in various formats: online help, web help, PDF and MS Word files.

This professional documentation method saves time and reduces the costs of creating and maintaining a documentation system, especially in large documentation projects, and guarantees consistency across the various output formats.

Web Help & Online Help Translation

Web Help & Online Help translation requires mastering of both translation skills and the Online Help software system. We are among the very few who specialize in Web Help & Online Help translation, providing translations to virtually all languages, including Hebrew,Russian etc.