Technical Writing

Reduce implementation & support costs | Increase customer satisfaction

With 15 years of experience and thousands of technical writing pages, we have crafted technical writing into a fine art, which will complement your R&D processes:

Enhance system implementations
Substantially reduce support costs
Improve customer satisfaction
Project a professional image

We produce various technical documents including system documentation, user guides, operation manuals, installation and maintenance manuals etc., as well as online-help and web-help systems.

Our technical writing adheres to strict professional technical writing standards, with an emphasis on details, precision, and consistency.

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Technical Writing Layout and Style

We create technical writing documents that are based on carefully designed templates, which provide a professional layout design, guarantee perfect consistency, and allow easy and consistent updating.

Automatic documents: Our technical writing templates make extensive use of automatic functions; numbering, captions, headings, headers, table of contents, referances, etc., all use built-in automatic functions, resulting in a professional technical writing document that is easy to maintain and update.

Technical writing formats: We can deliver all industry-standard formats including MS Word, enhanced PDF, FrameMaker, Online Help, Web Help, etc., as well as pre-press for printing.

Online Help and Web Help

We specialize in online-help and web-help systems, created from scratch or from existing technical documents. Read more...

The Process of Technical Writing

Hightext conduct technical writing in close interaction with the customer. During the work process we develop deep understanding of the documented system. As a result, the technical writing process is integrated in the QA process, offering the system an opportunity to re-examine weak point, especially regarding the GUI.

The process includes the following stages:

Requirements Specification
Subject matter study and collecting materials
Writing a draft
Interaction with the customer until final version

About Technical Writing

In recent years, professional technical writing is increasingly becoming part of R&D processes. Technical writing contributes to the success of a system in several ways:

It reduces the use of technical support, which in turn reduces costs and human resources for both the manufacturer and the customer.
It integrates with QA process with an emphasis on UI, which helps to improve the UI, focus work processes and solve problems.
High quality technical writing positively reflects on the product and manufacturer image.

Technical writing is a specialized profession, requiring skills, professional education and appropriate work experience. We believe it also requires another rare quality - talent!

Writing talent
The ability to grasp the complete picture of the documented system, and create documentation that is based on a dedicated logic; processes, of chronological action order.
The ability to describe a system UI in the correct order and importance, using simple and easy to understand instructions.
The ability to take the user's seat, and simulate the point of view of the potential user or operator.