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Legal Translation

We offer specialized legal translation of contracts, agreements, articles of association and various other legal documents by competent professional legal translators as well as legal translation by certified lawyers.

Translations of legal documents are delivered by professional translators who are specialized and experienced in legal translation. If you opt for a legal translation by a certified lawyer your document will be translated by a lawyer who is often certified both in Israel and in the country of the target or source language.

In both cases we offer competitive rates – the choice is yours!

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Notarized translation

Special low rates!

We offer notarized translation services at special low rates, which could save you hundreds of NIS compared to the rates that are usually charged for notarization of translations in Israel. The bigger the document, the higher the (relative) saving!

Translation by Certified Lawyers

The better choice!

Get better quality and avoid high notarization costs! Legal translations performed by professional lawyers are guaranteed top notch professional legal documents. We can provide appropriate certificates, certifying that the translation is performed by a lawyer, which may substitute notarization in some cases.

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Legal translation – Language pairs

At the moment we provide legal translation by certified lawyers in the following language pairs:
Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew
French to Hebrew, Hebrew to French, English to French
Russian to Hebrew, Hebrew to Russian, English to Russian
Other languages: We provide legal translation in most other major languages including far-east languages such as Japanese and Chinese, by professional and experienced translators who specialize in legal translation. These legal translation services are available in all major language pairs, from/to Hebrew and English:
European languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.
East European languages: Russian, Czech, Polish, etc.
Far-East languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.