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Professional Translation

Technical Translation | Legal Translation | Marketing Translation | Medical Translation

Hightext provides professional translation services, specializing in technical, medical and pharmaceutics, legal and business translation.
We specialize in technical and marcom translations in a wide range of high-tech areas including software, medical equipment, military systems, sophisticated machines and devices etc., in the following language directions:

To and from Hebrew to English and all other major languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

To and from English to Hebrew and all major languages, including Chinese and Japanese.
Our translations are produced by highly-qualified professional translators who pay attention to details and create clear, fluent and accurate translations. All translations undergo meticulous proof-reading by professional editors before they are handed over to the customer.

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Professional Skilled Translators

All our professional translators are native speakers who were born and educated in the country of the target language. All translators have relevant academic degrees and professional translation experience.


We provide site localization and software localization services to various languages. Our localization services are performed by a joint team of translators, technical writers and Marcom writers, ensuring smooth transition to the target language, as well as high level of accuracy. We also localize online and web help projects, including difficult languages such as Hebrew and Russian.

Areas of specialization:

We specialize in technical translation, marketing translation, business translation, legal translation, software localization and site localization, as well as professional editing and layout services.

Translation Languages:

We offer translation to and from English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Dutch, East European languages, Chinese and Japanese.