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Defining Concepts:
Business Objectives, Priorities, Messages
Creating Strategies
White Papers

Marketing Writing

Comprehensive Marcom Solutions | Websites Content | Brochures | Presentations | Marcom Strategies

With a wealth of both business experience and deep knowledge and understanding of cutting-edge technology, we are experts in designing the best routes in which to deliver your messages to potential customers.
Our marketing writing starts by carefully analyzing and identifying your business goals and defining your marketing communication strategy, before proceeding to create focused, no-nonsense Internet sites, brochures, white papers and presentations.

Less  is  M o r e !

Our marketing writing philosophy emphasizes clear, well-focused messages, delivered in short texts. Business information related to contemporary technology is very complex. We solve it by employing a multi-tier information design, which allows your target audience to access your information on several levels while making sure that the most essential messages are always visible at the top tier.


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Creating a Marketing Communication Strategy

We create marketing communication in close interaction with you and your team, and implement it in several stages:
Studying the subject matter
2. Identifying and focusing Marcom strategy and massages
3. Creating slogans and headings
4. Writing a blue print
5. Customer's remarks followed by intensive interaction
6. Final version

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